Tailored to your needs

Peractois a powerful and flexible platform with a host of inbuilt features; the ability to integrate with your in-house systems and the flexibility to incorporate the benefits of a range of specialist third party services. Collectively creating a best-in-class platform that delivers results for your business and your customers.  

A key point of differentiation when comparing Peracto to other market leading platforms is the ability of our development team to customise existing modules or develop brand new modules specifically for your business. All for a fraction of the cost of other enterprise level platforms.

Multiple sites or microsites are supported by a single instance of our platform, delivering further cross-channel coordination. 

Looking to the future, genuine competitive advantage can be achieved by quickly implementing new functionality in response to changing customer behaviour, market innovations or changes to your business processes.

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We've been helping businesses increase their ecommerce profitability for over 10 years and we'd love to help you. For further details or to request a demo, please call 01423 814 555 or drop us a line mail@peracto.io