Incorporating specialist microservices

Many ecommerce businesses are moving away from inflexible, all-encompassing platforms and implementing lightweight, versatile platforms that provide their core ecommerce functionality. A range of smaller, highly specialised services are then integrated to enhance the system’s functionality.  

Peracto has been uniquely engineered to operate as a stand-alone storefront that can integrate with multiple different  partner services. Through its API-first principle, it’s highly flexible  and a great fit for new ecommerce approaches such as  ‘microservices’. Specific elements of the buying and fulfilment  process can be improved by introducing innovative new services as soon as they come to market.

By separating evolving services from the core platform, business decisions can be based on the capabilities of each provider. Poorly performing services can be quickly and cost effectively replaced with new, independently deployable services to deliver a programme of continual improvement.

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