Security, scalability and reliability

Security, reliability and scalability are underpinned by our platform and wider infrastructure. 

9xb understands the nature of ecommerce and the impact that the Peracto platform can have on the security of cardholder data. We therefore implement, and will maintain, security accordingly to meet PCI DSS requirements.

If there is a problem, rapid identification and resolution is vital – no matter what time of day. Our industry leading monitoring service performs multiple checks to your application 24/7/365. Our on-call engineers are alerted immediately if there are any issues. SLA based hosting and support packages ensure that  your business is always operating at its peak performance.

Performance matters

Engineered to work with AWS and Cloud hosting  

Stress tested up to 10,000 concurrent users (subject to infrastructure) 

PCI compliant (subject to scans)

Scheduled security audits  

Session and cache management available  

Built on the industry leading Symfony framework

Automated regression testing  

SLA based support agreements  

Sophisticated monitoring

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