Powerful business-to-consumer ecommerce

Peracto is a modular system with a portfolio of core features which can be deployed  quickly and inexpensively to form the foundation of your store. Additional modules are introduced to enhance the core features to meet your specific requirements.

The Peracto approach focuses your ecommerce store on your customers’ needs, improves speed and performance and reduces costs. Your site administration tools are optimised  specifically to your needs, so they are quick and easy for your team to learn and use.

B2C core ecommerce features

Product catalogue 

Enhanced merchandising 

Product attributes 

Dynamic filtering 

Configurable products 

Bundled products 

Product rules

Batch data import / export 


In-site search 

Tiered pricing 

Conversion focused landing pages


Offers and promotions 

Upsells / cross-sells 

Stockist locator 


International shipping 

Click and collect 

Tax bands 

Abandoned baskets follow up 

User registration 

One page checkout

Major PSP and digital wallet integrations 

Registration and login 

My account 

Orders management 


Analytics and conversion tracking 

Marketplace integration 

Multi-language and multi-currency 

Omni-channel support 

Multi site ecommerce 

Access control list

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